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A Journey, Not a Destination
The goal

Taking Craft Furthur

We take classic styles and imbue them with an experimental edge. Some of our beers are a little goofy. Others are delicate and refined. But every single one is delicious.


In the fall of 2012,

an idea sparked. There was something different going on in the beer world. Something that hadn’t been seen for nearly fifteen years. Interest in full-flavored beers was once again gaining steam. But something was different this time. The movement was bigger and gaining traction at a faster pace. It looked like there was a window of opportunity, but it wouldn’t last. Our founder, Dan, decided to leave behind corporate life and follow a longstanding dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Even better, as a home brewer since the mid-nineties, to follow his passion for beer.

In talking things over with his wife, Brooke, the couple decided to lock arms and take the plunge. A business plan was written. 401ks were emptied. A friends & family round raised. And by the spring of 2015, the first batch was brewed and ready to debut at the annual Beer Under Glass festival. ATB was born that evening.

dan schedler

Since then, Brooke & Dan have put their hearts and souls into building ATB into what it is today.

And luckily, because of fine beer-lovin’ folks like you, we are cranking out more beer than ever these days; more of the styles you’ve come to love from us and more experimental brews that seek to break the mold. Because, at Around the Bend, that’s what we do. We take classic styles and imbue them with an experimental edge. We believe that if you keep trying new things, keep pushing the boundaries, then you never know what’s…around the bend.


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